Rozhub Naturals Multani Mitti handmade Natural Soap – Soothing and Purifying Soap for Sensitive Skin – 100 gm Each (pack of 4)



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“Pure Multani Mitti: Our soap is enriched with the goodness of Multani Mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth. It is a time-tested beauty ingredient renowned for its deep-cleansing and skin-nourishing properties. Multani Mitti helps remove impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling fresh, radiant, and revitalized.

Handmade with Love: Each bar of our Multani Mitti soap is carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail. Our skilled artisans blend the finest ingredients to create a soap that is gentle on your skin and provides a luxurious bathing experience. Handmade soaps retain the natural glycerin, ensuring optimal moisturization and hydration for your skin.

All-Natural Ingredients: We believe in the power of nature and have carefully chosen ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Our Multani Mitti soap is free from harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. We only use natural and organic ingredients, such as pure Multani Mitti clay, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, and essential oils, to nourish and pamper your skin.

Deep Cleansing and Detoxification: The Multani Mitti clay in our soap acts as a natural cleanser and detoxifier for your skin. It helps draw out impurities and excess oil, making it ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Regular use of our soap can help reduce blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads, giving you a clearer and smoother complexion.

Rejuvenating and Balancing: Our Multani Mitti soap has a balancing effect on your skin’s natural oil production. It helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, leaving it neither too dry nor too oily. The soap also promotes blood circulation, which can rejuvenate dull and tired-looking skin, giving it a healthy and youthful glow.

Suitable for All Skin Types: Our Multani Mitti soap is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The gentle formulation ensures that it does not strip away your skin’s natural moisture and leaves it feeling soft, supple, and refreshed after each use.”

Rozhub Naturals Multani Mitti handmade Natural Soap is a 100% natural, handmade soap that is perfect for soothing and purifying sensitive skin. Multani mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth, is a natural clay that has been used for centuries for its skin-soothing and purifying properties. The soap also contains other natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils, which help to moisturize and nourish the skin.


Soothes sensitive skin: Multani mitti is a natural clay that has been shown to be effective in soothing sensitive skin. It can help to reduce inflammation and redness, and it can also help to calm itching and irritation.
Purifies the skin: Multani mitti is also a natural detoxifier that can help to remove impurities from the skin. This can help to improve the overall appearance of the skin and make it look brighter and more radiant.
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin: The other natural ingredients in the soap, such as coconut oil and shea butter, help to moisturize and nourish the skin. This can help to keep the skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.
Has a pleasant, earthy scent: The soap is infused with essential oils that have a pleasant, earthy scent. This can help to leave your skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.
How to use

Apply the soap to wet skin and lather.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Use daily for best results.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Avoid contact with eyes.
If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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