Madaari metier
Madaari metier

Madaari metier

  • 848, University road katra, Above canara bank Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Vendor Biography

Fashion designer by profession and crafter by passion, I am Simran Kesarwani hailing from Prayagraj and Founder of Madaar Metier, Madaari Metier Bazaar and SABAR with the aim to reuse, reduce and recycle waste. 


I launched Madaari Metier in 2020 during covid to promote handcrafted upcyled products such as home décor including tribal and cultural paper machete masks, paper machete wall décor, coconut lamps, bamboo holders, stands and storage, upcycled festive décor, customised gifting solutions and accessories, earthen clay products, vegetable printing on fashion, fashion accessories, stationery items and more. I work on traditional and tribal art forms and with bamboo artisans locally situated at Prayagraj to promote their handwork and help generate more employment opportunities for them. 

I strive to inculcate earth friendly material in all my products and make people aware of its significance through my content. My work is one of a kind in the city and unique as I focus on reusing waste and increasing its life span instead of letting it rot in landfills and generating more carbon footprint. With every purchase, there is ecological conservation and change of mindset where the society is understanding the importance of reducing their waste consumption and generation. 

More than 100s of people and artists are inspired by my work because my work is different in the city with the cause for social, creative and environmental innovation. 

I also co-founded SABAR – a green startup by 5 women entrepreneurs based at Prayagraj with the objective to create awareness through sustainable products, services and experiences showcasing how being conscious today can give us a responsible tomorrow.