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While writing this story, I see the hardwork and passion of my parents for their craft.

It’s all started 20 years ago, a journey began with the creation of some handmade traditional items by them, however the limited resources restricted their reach to the local market. Yet, their unyielding love for the craft and an insatiable desire to create something extraordinary propelled them forward. This led to the foundation of “Sutliyan,” a brand that aimed to transform their hardwork and passion into a platform, where people can get quality and premium handmade products at reasonable prices. Every item in our inventory is meticulously created by skilled local artisans, boasting intricate patterns, exquisite embroidery, and mesmerizing embellishments. we poured our hearts and souls into each piece, ensuring that their creations were not only beautiful but also durable enough for everyday use.


At “Sutliyan,” crafting these masterpieces became an art form, with a relentless pursuit of precision and an unwavering attention to detail, each product is carefully designed and meticulously executed, showcasing the team’s commitment to creating true works of art. From the selection of materials to the final finishing touches, every step was undertaken with the utmost care and expertise.

Over the years, “Sutliyan” has flourished, thanks to the unwavering passion of its artisans and the support of a growing clientele. We have expanded our reach beyond the local market to capturing the hearts of customers in India and worldwide to those, who appreciate the value of handmade craftsmanship. our aim is not only to provide quality products but also in the empowerment of local artisans, who find fulfillment and recognition through their incredible skills. We start with few and now we are the team of more than 20 people, so today as you explore our brand, you will discover not just beautiful pieces, but stories woven into each thread and carved into every surface.

With “Sutliyan, “bring home a piece of tradition, a touch of heritage, and a testament to the enduring power of craftsmanship”.